The ASK Principle

Welcome to my poetry page. Psalmist Ministries started in 2011 because of a sales call. A client of mine was facing some medical testing in 2011 and shared some of his concerns. We had discussed the fact that for a year or so the Holy Spirit had been giving me songs and poems for His glory. I left the clients office with the intention of praying for him. A few miles down the road the Holy Spirit prompted me to write a poem for him. I pulled over to the side of the road, wrote the poem and emailed it to him. The next week when I walked into his office he said “Here comes the Psalmist” and the name stuck.

I post poems as the Holy Spirit gives me inspiration, which is several times a week. These are not my words, but God’s words to His church. They are meant to glorify Him and give comfort to His children. I pray that these words edify you as well.