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This Time

This Time

Last time I walked away
My faith was to weak to stand
My hope swallowed up in pride
Did not feel you by my side

Last time I didn’t hear
Your voice whisper in my ear
My love for you dwindled cold
I forgot the mercies of old

But that was last time, and it is gone
This is now and your love has won

This time I’ll stand by you
This time my faith is true
This time I’ll trust in you
Because you came through every time

There’ll be no more last times
Because I know that you are mine
This time I’m on solid ground
Because with your love you surround

Lord of my days and nights
Keep me ever close to your light
Let the last times disappear
So that this time your voice is clear
Help me see that you’re always near
Help me feel your sweet love so dear
Help me know the peace and good cheer
Of this time.
Where You Are

Where You Are

I hear you calling Lord at the dawning of the day
I hear your footsteps, Lord, as I walk along the way
I feel your presence, Lord. I ask you please to stay
Close by my side.  I will abide in you

You send your comforter to teach me of your ways
Your Holy Spirit, Lord, to guide me every day
I feel His presence, Lord, and I ask Him to stay
Close by my side.  I will abide in you

Where you are, there is mercy. Where you are, there is grace
Where you are I know I’m safe from all harm
Where you are, there is freedom. Where you are, there is peace
I always want to stay where you are

So many times, Lord, I have wandered from your side
So many times, Lord, I have given up on life
So many times, Lord, you’ve reminded me that I’m
Close by your side, so I’ll abide in you

Right here, right now you hold me in your arms
Right here, right now you keep me from all harm
I don’t deserve it, I never will
Yet you come and show your love to me
You come and show your love to me
All That I Need

Lord, Help Me Please

If God's in control, why do I worry
If God's in control, why do I dread
If God's in control i must always remember 
That He's not done with me yet 

I look at my life and see all the struggles 
Daily they come at me from every side
Just when I think that I might go under 
He comes along and strengthens my life 

It seems that I think I can handle it all
My pride says that I just cannot fall
Then I see this world crash in around me
And I find myself falling down on my knees 
Shouting Lord, help me please

Help me to see your mercy and grace
Help me to see the love on your face
Help me to lift my hands up in praise
To the one who can all my struggles erase

Yes, God's in control of the wind and the waves
He's in control of the storm and the rain
When trials and troubles are all around me
The best place I can be is down on my knees
Shouting Lord help me please

He's not a God who will leave me alone
To muddle through trouble all on my own
He's full of compassion, patience and peace 
He'll always be there to comfort me
When I cry out Lord, help me please.

All is Your Mercy

All Is Your Mercy

Every heartbeat
Every breath
Every footstep
Every rest

Every sunrise
Every rain
Every sweet scent
Every day

All is your mercy, Lord.  Mercy for me
All is your mercy, Lord.  Holy and free
Without your mercy don’t know what I’d do
Thanks for your mercy Lord.  How I love you

All that I hear
All I can see
All that I taste
All I can feel


Mercy and grace so freely given
You gave your life on a cross just for me
All of my pardon from sins disease
You took it all, Lord, mercy so free

He Wants No Less

He Wants No Less

 He wants no less from us than mercy
 Mercy to each soul that comes along
 Don’t justify your harsh words or your temper
 Give mercy to each one and make them strong
 He wants no less from you than grace
 Grace that reaches everyone you meet
 Don’t justify your gossip and backbiting
 Just speak to everyone with words of peace
 He wants no less from you than forgiveness
 Forgiveness that will pardon every hurt
 Don’t justify your grudges and complaining
 Forgive each one who troubles your hard heart
 He wants no less from you than the truth
 Truth that speaks to everything in life
 Don’t justify your white lies and your fables
 Just speak with words of truth and you’ll survive
 He wants no less from you than great love
 Love that surpasses all who see
 Don’t justify your anger and repulsion
 Let love guide every word that you will speak
 These things and more we should do each day
 For Jesus came to show us the way
 These are the things He taught us to do
 Not go against them every day
 So guard your heart and close your mouth
 Let goodness flow from you
 Let your light shine for all to see
 In all you say and do.