One Wish

 If I had one wish to wish, what would it be
 In this world that’s full of so much misery
 What could I say
 That would turn night to day
 What wish would bring light to the streets
 I could wish for joy that would fill every soul
 I could wish for peace that would calm every storm
 But is either enough
 To bring hope to us
 When our spirits are troubled and torn
 I think I would wish that Jesus
 Would calm every weary soul
 I think I would wish that Jesus
 Would make every spirit whole
 I think I would wish that Jesus
 Would take every sin away
 That He’d turn my night into day
 Then I realize He already did.  He already did.
 After all this consideration
 I can think of one wish for all nations
 That He’d open their eyes
 They’d look up to the skies
 Lifting praise in great adoration
 Jesus is our wish come true
 He died on the cross for you
 Then He rose to give eternal life
 Ask Him now to come live inside
 Then this wish for joy would come true
 This wish for peace would find you
 This wish would bring light and truth
 This wish would rescue you
 He’s not a wish, He is yours
 Open your heart to the Lord
 Let His spirit be your reward
 Ask Jesus to rescue your soul

Set On Jesus

I've set my mind on Jesus 
As the storm comes raging in
He'll be there to protect me
He'll bring me peace within

I've set my eyes on Jesus
I walk out on the waves
I'll stay above the storms of life
If only I'll obey

I've set my soul in Jesus
So when my eyes see storms
He'll reach His hand out to me
And lift me out if harm

I get my strength from Jesus 
To walk back to the boat 
Safe and secure forever 
He keeps my life afloat 

My spirit rests in Jesus
He calms the raging seas
His peace and joy come flooding in
His love has rescued me

A Hard Day

 It's hard Lord, hard to understand 
 Is this in your will?  Is this in your plan?
 I feel overwhelmed.   I need your loving hand
 This day has been so hard
 Everything seemed just like it should be
 All I ever wanted seemed to flow to me 
 Then it's like a lightning bolt dropped me to my knees
 This day has been so hard
 Was I moving much too fast?
 I thought this was meant to last?
 Help me understand your will 
 Help me understand your ways
 Guide me through this lonely day
 This day has been so hard.
 Betrayed by a close friend you went to trial
 Beaten, bruised and scarred you reconciled
 Bound to a cross, you bled and died 
 That day for you was hard 
 But you did it for me 
 So that I could be free.
 Then you rise again
 To give life to me 
 Now I know that it's true 
 At the end of this trial there is you
 Restoring my soul 
 Making my whole again
 Giving me strength to win
 I am alive 
 I will survive
 Because this hard day
 Has come to pass