The Church Will Never Fail

 It stands there tall and stately.  A steeple up on high
 It stands there like a beacon that tries to show the light.
 But in many cases the light does shine no more
 They’ve softened up their preaching and opened up their doors
 No more is Jesus offered as the Savior of the world
 Instead, a social gospel has replaced the given word
 Those who live a sinful lifestyle are told that they can stay
 They don’t have to leave their sin and live the righteous way
 It’s a sad testimony that rings around the world
 It’s a sad testimony of our Savior and our Lord
 But one thing that I know, and one thing that is sure
 The church will never fall to the darkness of this world
 As dead bones were restored to life before Ezekiel’s eyes
 So, the church will have revival and once again will rise
 We will see the gospel once again touching people’s lives
 As they look up to the cross and see His sacrifice
 I’m excited for the future, for what God has in store
 We must all stay vigilant and trust our risen Lord
 He will soon return to take His people home
 Let’s make sure that His church is ready and restored.
 Preach the word to all who come across your path
 Be ready to give a reason for the faith that you now have
 Be instant in season and full of praise each day
 This is how you’ll spread the word to those who need His grace