I love to sit and hear the sound of summer
 The thunder rolling through the nighttime sky
 I look and see the lightning flash in glory
 Lighting up the darkness of the night
 I love to wonder how our great creator
 Came up with the idea of thunderstorms
 Cold and hot air clashing in the heavens
 Producing clouds and winds that swirl and swarm
 I wonder how the wind can change direction
 Like a line drawn in the sky the gusts collide
 South winds change to north along a boundary
 As if a wall was set up in the sky
 Then I think how awesome is our blessed Savior
 Who came down from His lofty throne above.
 After giving birth to thunderstorms and lightning
 He died upon a cross to show His love
 Oh, what grace and mercy He has shown us
 Oh, what suffering He endured for us
 Like a lighting bolt that struck a line in history
 Is the picture of our Savior on the cross
 One solitary moment in the past
 Stands out across the length and breadth of time
 He died to show His love for His creation
 He rose again to give us all eternal life
 So the next time you hear thunder in the distance
 And see the flash of lightning in the sky
 Look up an thank the God of all creation
 For the Son he gave to be your sacrifice