Let the Storm roll in

Let The Storms Roll In

 Bring your broken, wounded heart
 Come to me just as you are
 Lay your burdens at my feet
 I am here to meet your need
 Nothing is too hard for me
 Nothing is too big
 Nothing is impossible
 When you make Christ your King
 Come before my throne
 Bring to me your prayer
 I am listening
 To every word you say
 I will heal
 I will deliver
 I will save your weary soul
 I bring peace
 I bring joy
 In the middle of your storm
 So, let the storm roll in
 Let the storm roll in
 Let the clouds build up
 And the lightning flash
 My Savior waits to rescue me
 Out of the storm He sets me free
 I’ll stand with Him eternally
 Let the storm roll in
 Let the storm roll in 

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