All For Me

All For Me

Brought before the judgment hall
Though He just did good
Persecuted false was He
Condemned for my sin

Beaten within one last breath
Wore a crown of thorns
Spit and kicked upon was He
Bruised for all my sin

Carried His own cross of death
Fell beneath its weight
Nailed through hands and feet was He
Suffered for my sin

Given vinegar to drink
Sword pierced through His side
Hanging there for me was He
Dying for my sin

High and lifted up was He
High above the ground
Hanging on a cross was He
Taking all my sin

He gave His own life away
To purchase life for me
Placed in borrowed tomb was He
Buried for my sin.

I will lift my voice to Him
And give Him all my praise
For He did all of this for me
I will praise His name

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