Since God has me writing so many songs and choruses I decided a while back to start recording some of these and putting them on a YouTube channel of my own. Granted, the recordings are very rough as I am a novice piano player at best.

Each one of these songs is by inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is a gift to the church. I just listen and the words come to me. I write down the first line and He gives me the second, third, and on down the line. Sometimes I get a whole verse before I start writing and other times I have it all running through my head when I sit down to write. Most of them take 10-20 minutes to write and the tune is usually in my head at the same time. I can;t explain it except to say it’s all God.

I hope you enjoy these videos. I plan to do many more in the upcoming months and hope you will stop back and take a look. Please leave comments on the ones you like! I love to hear from you!