All For Me

Brought before the judgment hall
Though He just did good
Persecuted false was He
Condemned for my sin

Beaten within one last breath
Wore a crown of thorns
Spit and kicked upon was He
Bruised for all my sin

Carried His own cross of death
Fell beneath its weight
Nailed through hands and feet was He
Suffered for my sin

Given vinegar to drink
Sword pierced through His side
Hanging there for me was He
Dying for my sin

High and lifted up was He
High above the ground
Hanging on a cross was He
Taking all my sin

He gave His own life away
To purchase life for me
Placed in borrowed tomb was He
Buried for my sin.

I will lift my voice to Him
And give Him all my praise
For He did all of this for me
I will praise His name

All For Me

He surrendered all in the garden
The garden of Gethsemane
Then He set His sights on the cross
On a hill called Calvary

After living a life filled with wonder
All the healing and deliverance
He now faced the death of a villain
In pain and agony for us

All for us, all for us
He did it all for us
Not a day goes by
I don’t wonder why
He would do this all for us

Covered with scars and blood He walked
Down a road of scorn and shame
He fell down from the weight of the cross
That would be His dying place


All the pain He took for me
The stripes He took for me
The shame He took for me
The cross He took for me (REPEAT)

He suffered to set me free
He died to set me free
He rose again for me
He lives forever for me
He’ll come again for me
All for me, all for me

All for me, all for me
He did it all for me
Not a day goes by
I don’t wonder why
He would do this all for me

No Boundary

I can do anything when I am nothing
I have more power when I am weak
There is no boundary to what God can do through me
If I will just yield myself to His control

Many a time I have wondered out loud
Why I walk like I’m big and proud
I don’t know anything and I can do nothing
When I walk in my strength out of control

Giving my life to the Lord of my life
Is only a matter of what is right
He is the power and He is the strength
That carries me through every day

I do not know in my own self what is true
This world has lost its way to the truth
When I trust Him I know I will win
Because He is the way, the truth and the life.

Lord, give me strength to walk in my weakness
Lord, give me power to stand and be strong
Lord, take my life as a sweet-smelling sacrifice
Lord, I am yours.  Lord, I am yours.

Beside Me

Here you are right beside me
Through the trial, through the storm
Never leaving, always with me
Even when I feel alone

When I'm walking through the valley
Or climbing up a mountain 
Or drowning in the deepest sea
You are always right there with me
You are always beside me

Lord of heaven, God of wonders 
You have made the stars above 
On your throne in royal splendor 
You pour out to me your live

Help me, Lord, to see your mercy 
Help me recognize your grace 
When I hear your voice within me
Help me see your loving face

Help me know you're here beside me
Through the wind and through the rain 
Help me see your arms wide open
Holding me close once again

When I'm walking through the valley
Or climbing up a mountain 
Or drowning in the deepest sea
You are always right there with me
You are always beside me

Jesus, Only Jesus

My eyes have seen His glory in the colors of the dawn
My ears have heard Him whisper in my ear
My spirit knows His presence when He walks with me each day
Every single moment He is near

My life has turned around since I met Him on that day
My future has a hope that is secure
My way is not important but it’s His I follow now
Only good will come from Him, of this I’m sure

Now it’s Jesus, only Jesus
Who satisfies the longings of my heart
Jesus, only Jesus
Who leads me on this journey through the dark
Jesus, only Jesus
He knows what I will face along the way
Jesus, only Jesus
Can bring me through the storms with joy and grace

What can I say if I should start to wander off the path? 
What can I do if pride gets in my way?
What poor excuse will I make up when I don’t follow Him?
All I can do is call upon His grace

When I call He’ll be there. He’ll answer in His time
I can trust His wisdom in all things
I don’t have to worry or think He will not guide me
So, trusting Him I’ll walk through what life brings

Jesus, only Jesus
Who else can guide me through the trials I face?
Jesus, only Jesus
Who only can bring me glory through disgrace?
Jesus, only Jesus
Who else can satisfy my longing soul?
Jesus, only Jesus
Will take my broken life and make me whole

So, I will trust in Jesus, only Jesus every day
I will follow Jesus, only Jesus is the way
I will hope in Jesus, only Jesus is my guide
I will love my Jesus, only Jesus guards my heart