He Will Do This

 Will He clear me a path through the river?
 Will He calm the raging storm?
 Will He cast off my burden of sin?
 He will do this and so much more!
 Will He all of my diseases?
 Will He deliver me out of harms way? 
 Will He be my refuge and fortress?
 He will do this and more today
 He will do it today because He’s done it before
 He will be there for me when I’m losing the war
 He will bring victory in the midst of the storm
 He will do all of this and so much more
 Will He guide me through valleys of doubt?
 Will He light up the darkness in me?
 Will He wash me was white as snow?
 He will do this for you and for me
 He will shut lion’s mouths, open up prison doors
 He will part rivers wide, knock down the walls
 He will be in the furnace, He will be in the flood
 He will stop up the rain and then start it again
 He will die on a cross to take all your sin
 He will roll back the stone and rise again
  I will praise Him (Repeat 4 times)

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