All That I Need

Lord, Help Me Please

If God's in control, why do I worry
If God's in control, why do I dread
If God's in control i must always remember 
That He's not done with me yet 

I look at my life and see all the struggles 
Daily they come at me from every side
Just when I think that I might go under 
He comes along and strengthens my life 

It seems that I think I can handle it all
My pride says that I just cannot fall
Then I see this world crash in around me
And I find myself falling down on my knees 
Shouting Lord, help me please

Help me to see your mercy and grace
Help me to see the love on your face
Help me to lift my hands up in praise
To the one who can all my struggles erase

Yes, God's in control of the wind and the waves
He's in control of the storm and the rain
When trials and troubles are all around me
The best place I can be is down on my knees
Shouting Lord help me please

He's not a God who will leave me alone
To muddle through trouble all on my own
He's full of compassion, patience and peace 
He'll always be there to comfort me
When I cry out Lord, help me please.

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