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He Has A Plan

 When it seems the world is crashing down around you
 The waves and winds are everywhere you turn
 The struggle gets intense
 For the battle is immense
 Remember through it all God has a plan
 When you’ve woken up and the day appears too dreadful
 The things you’ve heard and seen just bring you down
 Lift up your head
 There is nothing ahead
 That my God cannot work into His plan
 His plan is good, so good
 His plan is wise, so wise
 His plan will see you through the storm that you may face
 Just trust in Him
 Just give Him praise
 For we know all things work for good to those who wait
 He has a plan
 Now you lift your eyes to see the light before you
 You realize that Jesus holds your hand
 Now you can walk on through
 His promises are true
 He uses all your trials to work His plan for you
 He is good.  In all things He is good
 He is just.  In all things He is just
 He is righteous.  He is true
 He alone makes all things new
 Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord Oh my soul (repeat)