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New Roads

I've been walking my own way way to long 
It seems that this comfort is where i belong
I dare not try to go a new way
But God is calling to step out in faith

I have to admit that I'm scared just a bit 
I've grown so accustomed to this life I live
He calls me to new roads that will take me far
Away from this life that I've traveled so far

Oh, God of wonder how can this be
That you would have plans for little old me
I'm noone special.  I have no degrees
Yet out of the darkness you gave called me

You've called me to walk by your side every day
To not be afraid of what might come my way
You've called me to step out to.places unknown 
To walk by your side as you make me your own

Oh God of wonder,  how can I be sure
That this is your voice.   That this is your word?
I've followed you more than half of my life 
And I've always tried to heed your advise 

But where you are calling me seems quite a stretch 
I think to myself that I'm not ready yet
Then I hear your voice and I know that it's you
Saying this is the plan that has waited for you

Oh God of wonder,  I will take heed
I will now walk wherever you lead 
It's only by faith I can do as I'm told
Only by faith can I walk this new road 

You'll Never Leave My Side

Our Offering

 His Yoke is easy and His burden is light
 He gives joy in the morning and dries tears at night
 In our spirit and soul His love shines bright
 He’s been so good to me
 This yoke is meant to tie us together
 So that we will walk step by step
 I’m glad that my Lord is stronger than I
 When I wander He pulls me back
 When I walk step by step with Him
 I will always be safe and secure
 He’ll guide me to good things each time
 Of this I can be very sure
 The burden I bear for Him is light
 And he wants me to give it away
 Each time I spread His great love
 It comes back and fills me again
 This mercy I carry is pure
 It’s a blessing that I must give
 His grace is a burden I long for 
 Because this world needs to know He forgives
 His yoke is easy and His burden is light
 Compared to what He bore for me
 His yoke was a cross and His burden was sin
 When He sacrifice His life for me
 The lest I can do is help Him’
 Spread the message he came to bring
 All can be saved, all can be healed
 Because he was our offering.
The Overcomer

Jesus Calls to You

 At any time, in any season
 For any cause, for any reason
 You’ll hear His voice if you will listen
 Jesus calls to you
 When you’ re up or when you’re weary
 When you’re sad or when your cheery
 When your glad or when you’re dreary
 Jesus calls to you
 In summer, winter, fall and spring
 His voice will tell you many things
 And only blessing it will bring
 Jesus calls to you
 It’s not a voice that’s loud and low
 But when you hear it you will know
 That you have purpose here below
 Jesus calls to you
 Please open up your ears today
 During work or during play
 He will guide you in His way
 Jesus calls to you