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Basking in His Grace

 He’s alive, He’s alive. He has risen from the grave
 The Lamb of God has risen and my soul He has saved
 Of grave where is they victory.  
 Oh, death where is the sting
 No longer am I lost in sin.  I’m basking in His grace
 I’ll shout my praise to Jesus for all He’s done for me
 I’ll lift my Hallelujahs.  My Redeemer set me free
 No more will I succumb
 To my ever-wandering hart
 I’ll fix my eyes on Jesus.  He brings me victory
 I’ve had my days of sorrow.  I’ve had my days of doubt.
 But these days are all past and His praises I will shout
 Infused with His sweet peace
 And everlasting joy
 I am blessed beyond measure through my resurrected Lord
 Hosannah in the highest.  Praises to the King
 He has risen from the grave and is Lord of everything
 Praise God from whom all blessing flow
 Praise Him all creatures here below
 The Lamb of God is risen.  Hallelujah to the King!