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My Savior's Call

He Is Always There

 There are times I sit in wonder at God’s love for me
 It seems he’s always right there walking beside me
 And when I seem to falter, He’s there to pick me up
 When I’m dry and thirsty He’s there to fill my cup
 There are times I cannot fathom how He does these things
 That bring such great delight to life through ordinary things
 Like friends that show up at your door when you need it most
 Or someone comes from nowhere to show He loves you so
 There are times I look to heaven and thank my God above
 For all the riches of His grace and glory of His love
 He has a way of showing me each day how much He cares
 By all those simple things in life that He brings unawares
 There are times I bow in reverence and say my daily prayers
 Because I know He hears each word for He is always there
 And when He brings the answer, I will lift my voice in praise
 To the one that I call Savior, Jesus Christ is His sweet name