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Marcy Comes Softly

Mercy Comes Softly

 Mercy comes softly 
 like a gentle rain in spring 
 slowly shaping into our life 
 To replenish us 
 restore us 
 renew us 
 revive us
 Mercy comes softly 
 like a quiet breeze in the fall
 bringing cool sensations of 
 peace in my heart 
 my soul 
 my mind 
 my spirit
 Mercy comes softly
 like a bubbling steam
 flowing down the mountainside into a larger river 
 filling it with
 fresh life 
 fresh nutrition 
 fresh energy
 fresh strength
 Mercy comes softly
 like a fluffy snow on a windless day
 covering the earth all around us
 cleaning all it falls upon
 making it look fresh
 Mercy some softly into our lives
 Every minute of every day
 Never leaving us helpless and alone
 Guiding us
 Shaping us
 Protecting us
 Providing for us
 Don’t miss it
 Treasure it
 Recognize it when it comes
 Give thanks to God
 Lift up His name
 He will lift you up and out
 Of any trial
 Any test
 Any temptation
 Because in the blink of an eye
 When you list expect it
 But most need it
 His mercy will come