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When That Day Arrives

 One day all the saints will look skyward
 The thunder will roll through the air
 A trumpet will sound
 Great hope will abound
 As they know Jesus soon will be there
 The lost will be trembling in fear
 At the noise that the heavens will make
 They won’t know the times
 Or even know why
 The saints are all praising His name
 Then we will rise to the sky
 As Jesus appears in the clouds
 What a day that will be
 When His face we’ll see
 The angels will shout His applause
 The lost will stay here on this earth
 As chaos erupts everywhere
 So many have left
 Planes and cars are all wrecked
 Those remaining on earth are all scared
 The saints sit and feast at His table
 The go to their mansions of gold
 Then every day
 They sing out their praise
 And the worship will never grow old
 The lost are in mass confusion
 Then someone points out the truth
 The rapture has come
 Those with faith in the Son
 Are now gone just as they always knew
 I tell you this story today
 So that you will be ready to go
 When that day arrives
 You will only survive
 Only if Jesus you know
 Not just that He was a teacher
 Or a prophet, or holy, or wise
 But that He is the one
 Who died for your sins
 And top Him you must be reconciled
 Come to the altar today
 Come and repent and be saved
 Accept Jesus Christ
 That he lived and He died
 Then arose to bring eternal life