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What a Mystery

What if I had a million stars to put in place?
What if I knew them all and called them all by name? 
I’d pick a special one to put up in the sky
Over the place where soon the Savior would arrive

What if the angels came to me with wondrous praise?
What if they asked me who should hear the news they gave?
I’d pick the ones who would be humble and obey
Shepherds out in the field who kept watch every day

Oh, what a mystery. Oh, what great love
The Son of God left His throne above
Oh, what compassion on sinners like me
He left His royal throne to die for me

What if the shepherds brough their flocks to see the King?
What if three wise men travelled far their gifts to bring?
There in a manger lay the Savior of the world
Today He’s just a babe but He’ll be Lord of Lords


What if He had not come?  I’d still be lost.
No hope to look for, all peace is gone
Joy would be sorrow, True love unknown
If Jesus had not come this Christmas morn