The Trumpet Sounds

 He comes riding on the clouds in splendor 
 Arrayed in majesty
 His presence fills the earth with wonder
 Our glorious King of Kings 
 The trumpet sounds His coming
 The saints all look above 
 Then in the twinkling of His eye
 We rise to meet the Lord
 Singing glory, glory, glory to the Lord 
 Glory, glory, glory to the Lord 
 A host of angels greet us at the pearly gates 
 Rejoicing that the saints have all come home
 Then they gather round the throne
 And they glorify the Lord
 Singing praises to the Lamb that was slain
 The great I Am
 Singing holy, holy, holy is the Lamb
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb  
 He is holy. He is holy
 Full of glory.  Full of glory
 Lamb of heaven, risen Savior
 King of Kings. Lord of Lords. Jesus 

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