This Time

This Time

Last time I walked away
My faith was to weak to stand
My hope swallowed up in pride
Did not feel you by my side

Last time I didn’t hear
Your voice whisper in my ear
My love for you dwindled cold
I forgot the mercies of old

But that was last time, and it is gone
This is now and your love has won

This time I’ll stand by you
This time my faith is true
This time I’ll trust in you
Because you came through every time

There’ll be no more last times
Because I know that you are mine
This time I’m on solid ground
Because with your love you surround

Lord of my days and nights
Keep me ever close to your light
Let the last times disappear
So that this time your voice is clear
Help me see that you’re always near
Help me feel your sweet love so dear
Help me know the peace and good cheer
Of this time.

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