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This site is a hub for the many different aspects of Psalmist Ministries.  Psalmist Ministries my ministry name as a poet, songwriter, teacher and evangelist.  The name of Psalmist came from a client of his in 2011 and has stuck.  Through the years, the Holy Spirit has inspired me to write Christian poetry that uplifts both the reader and the Lord. Many of these poems became songs that I roughly recorded on my YouTube channel. God brought me through cancer in 2016-2018 and showed His mercy throughout that time, giving His inspiration to over 1,500 poems and teaching in Philippians, Galatians, Psalms, James and in 2019 the Sermon on the Mount.  In addition, I have recently published a book called “The A.S.K. Principle”.”  This book was 30 years in the making and discusses all aspects of prayer.  It is a must read for anyone who desires a deeper and more effective prayer life.

I pray this site will be a blessing to you and will uplift you in your walk with God.  I encourage you to click through to the various websites that are linked to this page and scroll through the archives of the page that interests you the most.  You will find treasures that will certainly enrich your walk with the Lord

3 thoughts on “Welcome to my site

  1. Bruce Cooper

    Hi Pete, I read through your “About” comments and also what you wrote about yourself on the “Ask Principle” web page. I’ve read through and listened to your testimony previously. I am continually amazed at how patient and loving our God is and the manner in which He deals with us. My own story is similar to yours so I can appreciate the wisdom of waiting on His leading. Jesus asks us to lift one another up in prayer and I am assured that He will honor His Word and bring us to completion. I pray that God will richly bless you and yours and the ministry that you serve Him in.

    1. Pete Gardner Post author

      Thank you Bruce. He has me going to many different directions right now and it is exciting. I never saw myself as a writer, but God can change things in a heartbeat and i just want to follow. Thank you for taking the time tor read the articles. There are many more to come, and many changes to this site. I’m sure it will evolve slowly for His glory. One of my goa.u as well, my friend

    2. Pete Gardner Post author

      A second reply because the web site has changed quite a bit since you visited and I wasn’t sure if you had been back to see the upgrades. Always love your comments!


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