Your Loving Plan

I Found My Knees

 I saw it coming, make no mistake
 The enemy comes just to kill and to take
 He tries to destroy us every day
 We must be wary of His crafty ways
 Don’t turn your back, don’t run and hide
 But stand by the gate that will never subside
 He cannot go past the place where He dwells
 The church will not lose to the gates of hell
 Stand strong in the Lord In the power of His might
 His word and His Spirit will not lose this fight
 As long as you stand where He is in sight
 The enemy runs from the Lord’s great Light
 The place where you fight is down on your knees
 Giving the Lord all your struggles and needs
 He wants to help you but He must hear your plea
 Cry out with your troubles and then let them be
 The Lord will take over and bring victory
 Over all of your trials and all your dis-ease
 Then rise up, give Him glory, for a sweet sense of peace
 He’s won the battle because I found my knees

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