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My God Will Rescue You

 Cry to the Lord with your prayers
 He hears you wherever you are
 Tell Him your plans and your dreams
 He’ll take you to the stars
 Do you need healing today?
 Is your body in sickness or pain?
 Cry out to Him and be healed
 He’ll cover you with His grace
 Do you need direction today?
 Do you seek to know His will?
 Cry out and ask Him to lead
 Then just be quiet and still.
 Do you need deliverance today?
 Does sin have a hold on you?
 Repent and turn from your way
 My God will rescue you
 Do you need understanding today
 For decisions that you may face?
 Trust that the Spirit will come
 With words of assurance and grace
 He hears every word you say
 He knows every trial and test
 Just wait on the Lord and be still
 Your prayers always bring His best.
Your Loving Plan

I Found My Knees

 I saw it coming, make no mistake
 The enemy comes just to kill and to take
 He tries to destroy us every day
 We must be wary of His crafty ways
 Don’t turn your back, don’t run and hide
 But stand by the gate that will never subside
 He cannot go past the place where He dwells
 The church will not lose to the gates of hell
 Stand strong in the Lord In the power of His might
 His word and His Spirit will not lose this fight
 As long as you stand where He is in sight
 The enemy runs from the Lord’s great Light
 The place where you fight is down on your knees
 Giving the Lord all your struggles and needs
 He wants to help you but He must hear your plea
 Cry out with your troubles and then let them be
 The Lord will take over and bring victory
 Over all of your trials and all your dis-ease
 Then rise up, give Him glory, for a sweet sense of peace
 He’s won the battle because I found my knees

Call On Jesus

 When you wake up in the morning brew your coffee
 Have a muffin, or banana or some toast
 Make sure all the house around you is in order 
 Take a shower, brush your teeth and out the door
 Wait a minute, somethings missing in that sequence
 Something all of us should do to start our day
 There is nothing more important than this one small thing 
 Take some time down on your knees to pray
 Pray for children, pray for neighbors, pray for grandma
 Pray for friends that live both near and far away
 Pray for pastor and for mayor and for workers 
 Pray for everything you'll do throughout the day
 You see the secret to success is not your bankroll
 Not your wisdom, or your power or your fame
 It’s not a matter of the place you have climbed to
 Your success comes from the times you called His name
 The name of Jesus is the key to all your future
 The name of Jesus is your peace in every storm
 The name of Jesus is a joy you can hold onto 
 He’s a refuge and a strong and mighty tower
 So, when you find that you are rushed and running ragged
 And it seems you don't have time to even think 
 Take a break down on your knees to call on Jesus
 And you'll find you have more time to follow Him
 He's the way. The truth, the life and He's your answer 
 To the question of a day that seems too short
 Just a little time with Jesus in the morning 
 Will make the whole day better from the start