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You'll Never Leave My Side

You Walk With Me

 You walk with me through the fire 
 When I feel I'm burning up 
 You walk with me through the flood
 When I feel I'm overwhelmed 
 You walk with my when I'm hurting
 When my soul just needs your love
 You walk with me through the desert 
 When I feel like giving up 
 You walk with me through the storm 
 When the thunder just erupts
 You walk with me when I'm doubting
 When my faith is not enough
 You walk with me when I'm lonely 
 When I just need your touch
 You walk with me in my weakness 
 When my strength has given up
 Every time I turn to you 
 You are there with me
 Every time I call to you 
 You come and comfort me
 Every time I pray to you
 Down on my knees
 I know that you are there
 Right beside me
 You walked for me to the scourging 
 As the beat you for my sins
 You walked for me with a crown of thorns 
 That dug deep into your skin
 You walked for me up the mountain 
 Carrying your cross
 You walked for me 
 You hung for me
 Took the nails for me
 Gave your life for me
 Then you rose for me
 Intercede for me
 So that I can be all that you made me
 I am so blessed that every day
 You walk with me
He Wants No Less

Trust In His Love

 I can’t imagine why He’d save me
 Why He’d take my cross to set me free
 I can’t imagine why He’d take my stripes
 Why He’d bear those thorns for me
 I can’t imagine why He’d leave His throne
 To be born in a manger with hay
 I can’t imagine why He’d take this time
 To walk with me each day
 But He does.  Oh, yes, He does
 He pours out His grace on me
 When I can’t imagine all that He does
 I trust in His love for me
 I can’t imagine that He’d hear my prayers
 Above all the noise of this world
 I can’t imagine why He’d forgive my sin
 Even though He is so holy
 He’s the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end
 He’s the bright and morning star and the Rose of Sharon
 He’s the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords
 He’s the way, the truth, the life and so much more
 Yet, He loves me.  Oh, yes, He does
 He pours out His grace on me
 When I can’t imagine all that he does
 I trust in His love for me
My Savior's Call

My Savior’s Call

 Not the highest mountain, nor the deepest sea.
 Not the river flooding, nor the storms around me.
 Not the hardest trial, nor a dread disease
 Can separate me from the love that Jesus has for me
 Not the harshest gossip, nor the threats toward me 
 Not the persecution, nor those who don't believe
 Not the hard temptations, nor the devils’ deeds
 Can separate me from the love that Jesus has for me
 Unquenchable, unstoppable is my Saviors love
 Undeniable. Unforgettable is His mercy from above 
 Unending, irresistible is my Saviors call
 Crying out to me. Crying out to all
 He calls me out of darkness and into His great light
 He calls me in my battles and strengthens me to fight
 His grace and mercy find me and show me what is right
 He calls me out of myself and into His great love
My Savior's Call

He Is Always There

 There are times I sit in wonder at God’s love for me
 It seems he’s always right there walking beside me
 And when I seem to falter, He’s there to pick me up
 When I’m dry and thirsty He’s there to fill my cup
 There are times I cannot fathom how He does these things
 That bring such great delight to life through ordinary things
 Like friends that show up at your door when you need it most
 Or someone comes from nowhere to show He loves you so
 There are times I look to heaven and thank my God above
 For all the riches of His grace and glory of His love
 He has a way of showing me each day how much He cares
 By all those simple things in life that He brings unawares
 There are times I bow in reverence and say my daily prayers
 Because I know He hears each word for He is always there
 And when He brings the answer, I will lift my voice in praise
 To the one that I call Savior, Jesus Christ is His sweet name 
He Wants No Less

More Than Pearls

When I think of all the blessings  
And the mercy you bestow
I can't help but know 
You love me so 

When I think of my salvation
And the grace that set me free
I can't help but see 
Your love for me 

More than rubies 
More than pearls
More than all the precious jewels
Is the value of
Your love for me

So I will bow down and worship
Lift up my praise
To the one I adore
For His mercy and grace 
For I know He loves me
Through all my mistakes 
The author and finisher of my faith