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The Overcomer

Jesus, Only Jesus

My eyes have seen His glory in the colors of the dawn
My ears have heard Him whisper in my ear
My spirit knows His presence when He walks with me each day
Every single moment He is near

My life has turned around since I met Him on that day
My future has a hope that is secure
My way is not important but it’s His I follow now
Only good will come from Him, of this I’m sure

Now it’s Jesus, only Jesus
Who satisfies the longings of my heart
Jesus, only Jesus
Who leads me on this journey through the dark
Jesus, only Jesus
He knows what I will face along the way
Jesus, only Jesus
Can bring me through the storms with joy and grace

What can I say if I should start to wander off the path? 
What can I do if pride gets in my way?
What poor excuse will I make up when I don’t follow Him?
All I can do is call upon His grace

When I call He’ll be there. He’ll answer in His time
I can trust His wisdom in all things
I don’t have to worry or think He will not guide me
So, trusting Him I’ll walk through what life brings

Jesus, only Jesus
Who else can guide me through the trials I face?
Jesus, only Jesus
Who only can bring me glory through disgrace?
Jesus, only Jesus
Who else can satisfy my longing soul?
Jesus, only Jesus
Will take my broken life and make me whole

So, I will trust in Jesus, only Jesus every day
I will follow Jesus, only Jesus is the way
I will hope in Jesus, only Jesus is my guide
I will love my Jesus, only Jesus guards my heart
You'll Never Leave My Side

You Walk With Me

 You walk with me through the fire 
 When I feel I'm burning up 
 You walk with me through the flood
 When I feel I'm overwhelmed 
 You walk with my when I'm hurting
 When my soul just needs your love
 You walk with me through the desert 
 When I feel like giving up 
 You walk with me through the storm 
 When the thunder just erupts
 You walk with me when I'm doubting
 When my faith is not enough
 You walk with me when I'm lonely 
 When I just need your touch
 You walk with me in my weakness 
 When my strength has given up
 Every time I turn to you 
 You are there with me
 Every time I call to you 
 You come and comfort me
 Every time I pray to you
 Down on my knees
 I know that you are there
 Right beside me
 You walked for me to the scourging 
 As the beat you for my sins
 You walked for me with a crown of thorns 
 That dug deep into your skin
 You walked for me up the mountain 
 Carrying your cross
 You walked for me 
 You hung for me
 Took the nails for me
 Gave your life for me
 Then you rose for me
 Intercede for me
 So that I can be all that you made me
 I am so blessed that every day
 You walk with me