Grace Plus Faith

 It’s a simple equation all can do
 The oldest in age and the youngest too
 Anyone who can think
 Or can learn anything
 Can trust that the answer was given to you
 First came the Father, who out of His love
 Sent His only Son and said it was enough
 I’ll show them my grace
 When He takes their place
 The sins of the world will go down to the grave
 All they need to do is add their little faith
 That they would believe that He died in their place
 As they turn from there sin
 And ask Him to come in
 My grace and their faith will lead them to be saved
 Grace plus faith is the answer to life’s biggest tests
 Grace plus faith in the midst of your storms will bring rest
 Grace plus faith will turn your sorrow to joy
 Grace plus faith will heaven’s armies employ
 As you come to the Father, He will pour out His grace
 And you will be saved adding your little faith
 Don’t delay, do not wait.
 Come to Jesus today
 Learn the equation grace plus faith
 Simple and yet profound for all time
 I hope that you’ll hearken to the simple rhyme
 Trust in His grace today
 Add faith and you will be saved 

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