The Overcomer

The Giver of Life

 He gives hope to the hopeless
 Peace to the restless
 Faith for the faithless
 Love to the worthless
 He gives light in the darkness
 Strength for my weakness
 Joy for my sadness
 Health for my sickness
 He’s the giver of life to all who are lost
 He paid my price as He hung on the cross
 The shame and the pain He bore for me
 Taking my sin and setting me free
 Oh, what a wonderful Savior
 Oh, what mercy divine
 Oh, what grace so amazing
 Jesus is mine, Jesus is mine
 Jesus is mine.  Jesus is mine
 So, I will lift up my hands and praise Him
 Praise Him, praise Him
 I will lift up my heart and worship
 Worship Christ the King 

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