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A Hard Day

 It's hard Lord, hard to understand 
 Is this in your will?  Is this in your plan?
 I feel overwhelmed.   I need your loving hand
 This day has been so hard
 Everything seemed just like it should be
 All I ever wanted seemed to flow to me 
 Then it's like a lightning bolt dropped me to my knees
 This day has been so hard
 Was I moving much too fast?
 I thought this was meant to last?
 Help me understand your will 
 Help me understand your ways
 Guide me through this lonely day
 This day has been so hard.
 Betrayed by a close friend you went to trial
 Beaten, bruised and scarred you reconciled
 Bound to a cross, you bled and died 
 That day for you was hard 
 But you did it for me 
 So that I could be free.
 Then you rise again
 To give life to me 
 Now I know that it's true 
 At the end of this trial there is you
 Restoring my soul 
 Making my whole again
 Giving me strength to win
 I am alive 
 I will survive
 Because this hard day
 Has come to pass