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The Overcomer

Jesus, Only Jesus

My eyes have seen His glory in the colors of the dawn
My ears have heard Him whisper in my ear
My spirit knows His presence when He walks with me each day
Every single moment He is near

My life has turned around since I met Him on that day
My future has a hope that is secure
My way is not important but it’s His I follow now
Only good will come from Him, of this I’m sure

Now it’s Jesus, only Jesus
Who satisfies the longings of my heart
Jesus, only Jesus
Who leads me on this journey through the dark
Jesus, only Jesus
He knows what I will face along the way
Jesus, only Jesus
Can bring me through the storms with joy and grace

What can I say if I should start to wander off the path? 
What can I do if pride gets in my way?
What poor excuse will I make up when I don’t follow Him?
All I can do is call upon His grace

When I call He’ll be there. He’ll answer in His time
I can trust His wisdom in all things
I don’t have to worry or think He will not guide me
So, trusting Him I’ll walk through what life brings

Jesus, only Jesus
Who else can guide me through the trials I face?
Jesus, only Jesus
Who only can bring me glory through disgrace?
Jesus, only Jesus
Who else can satisfy my longing soul?
Jesus, only Jesus
Will take my broken life and make me whole

So, I will trust in Jesus, only Jesus every day
I will follow Jesus, only Jesus is the way
I will hope in Jesus, only Jesus is my guide
I will love my Jesus, only Jesus guards my heart

The Lord of Heaven

I see the Lord in heaven
High and lifted up
Seated on the right hand of God 
His glory fills the temple
The Angels lift their praise 
All creation bows before His throne

I see the Lord of heaven
Come down to earth below
He’s lying in a manger on some hay
His parents just adore Him
The Angels shout His coming
Shepherds come before the child with praise

I see the Lord of heaven
Teaching in the streets
People flock to hear His wondrous words
Leaders try to kill him
The Angels keeping watch
Healing and deliverance come forth

I see the Lord of heaven
Dying on a cross
Nails are pounded through His hands and feet
Father please forgive them
The Angels here His cry
He bows His head in what seems like defeat

I see the Lord of heaven
Rising from the dead
Victory has been declared forever
Stone is rolled away
The Angels sing their praise
The Lord of Lords has returned to heaven

He Wants No Less

The Dream

 I dreamed there was a king who came from far away
 He left His throne and palace but told no one his plan
 The people who did serve Him did not know who he was
 So they wondered and they marveled at the things done by his hand
 He gave to them his riches for no reason they could see
 He gave to them a feeling that someone really cared
 Eventually he told them who he was and why he came
 Some believed his story but others laid some snares
 They didn’t like the fact that this so-called king had come
 They had ruled the masses and their power was immense
 But now the common people followed him and all he said
 They just had to destroy him and their feeling was intense
 Finally, they caught him telling all he was the king
 They plotted his destruction so they could rule again
 As he lay dying by their hands, he said a final word
 He forgave their madness and then he said amen
 I went and told a friend about the dream that I just had
 He said that sounds familiar and he pulled out an old book
 He told me I should read a little portion of the words
 So, I took the book and opened it so I could take a look
 John told of a Savior, Matthew of a king
 Luke told lots of stories and Mark told of His life
 I learned the King of Kings had come to earth to die
 I learned that He walked among men before he bled and died
 I learned He said forgive them for all that they have done
 I learned He was not just a man, but God’s begotten Son
 I thought to myself that day why one would not believe
 In a King that came from heaven to transform even me
 I was His biggest sceptic, yet He chose to set me free
 Now I’ll live in heaven for all eternity.
 If you think my dream is silly, then please go read the book
 His story is all written for you to clearly see
 If you’ll open up your heart and choose to let Him speak
 You will find that Jesus loves you just as He loves me.
it's Simple

It’s Simple

 It’s simple.  I just want to praise Him
 For all He has done for me
 To lift up my hands and worship
 Jesus Christ my Lord and King
 I’ll sing a grand hallelujah
 To the one who has set me free
 Then I’ll bow down before His throne
 To honor His majesty
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
 King of Kings and Lord of Lords
 Jesus Christ the one whom I adore
 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord
He Wants No Less

Great God Almighty

 I will praise God the Father, great things He has done 
 He has given us a Savior. He has given us His son
 Who died for our sins and then He rise again, 
 Sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to His love
 Great God Almighty how I love Him
 He came to us a lowly child
 Born of a virgin un a stable 
 Lived life as one whose meek and mild
 He walked upon this earth healing sickness
 Opened blinded eyes so they could see
 Taught us about a loving Father
 Who always cared for you and me
 He walked this earth to show His power 
 Great things He did and always good 
 But those in authority distained Him
 His mission they had misunderstood 
 They whipped him and spit on Him in hatred
 They put a crown of thorns upon His head
 They nailed Him to a cross and crucified Him
 Left Him to hang ‘til He was dead
 Some friends laid Him in a borrowed tomb
 Rolling a stone across the door
 The people all thought that it was over
 They would not gear from Him anymore 
 Three days went by
 Three days went by
 The stone rolled back
 He rose alive. 
 Out of the tomb
 Out of the grave 
 He is alive 
 He is alive 
 He is alive
 So we can live
 To spread His love 
 I will praise God the Father, great things He has done 
 He has given us a Savior. He has given us His son
 Who died for our sins and then He rise again, 
 Sent the Holy Spirit to guide us to His love