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He Wants No Less

The Dream

 I dreamed there was a king who came from far away
 He left His throne and palace but told no one his plan
 The people who did serve Him did not know who he was
 So they wondered and they marveled at the things done by his hand
 He gave to them his riches for no reason they could see
 He gave to them a feeling that someone really cared
 Eventually he told them who he was and why he came
 Some believed his story but others laid some snares
 They didn’t like the fact that this so-called king had come
 They had ruled the masses and their power was immense
 But now the common people followed him and all he said
 They just had to destroy him and their feeling was intense
 Finally, they caught him telling all he was the king
 They plotted his destruction so they could rule again
 As he lay dying by their hands, he said a final word
 He forgave their madness and then he said amen
 I went and told a friend about the dream that I just had
 He said that sounds familiar and he pulled out an old book
 He told me I should read a little portion of the words
 So, I took the book and opened it so I could take a look
 John told of a Savior, Matthew of a king
 Luke told lots of stories and Mark told of His life
 I learned the King of Kings had come to earth to die
 I learned that He walked among men before he bled and died
 I learned He said forgive them for all that they have done
 I learned He was not just a man, but God’s begotten Son
 I thought to myself that day why one would not believe
 In a King that came from heaven to transform even me
 I was His biggest sceptic, yet He chose to set me free
 Now I’ll live in heaven for all eternity.
 If you think my dream is silly, then please go read the book
 His story is all written for you to clearly see
 If you’ll open up your heart and choose to let Him speak
 You will find that Jesus loves you just as He loves me.