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The Lord of Heaven

I see the Lord in heaven
High and lifted up
Seated on the right hand of God 
His glory fills the temple
The Angels lift their praise 
All creation bows before His throne

I see the Lord of heaven
Come down to earth below
He’s lying in a manger on some hay
His parents just adore Him
The Angels shout His coming
Shepherds come before the child with praise

I see the Lord of heaven
Teaching in the streets
People flock to hear His wondrous words
Leaders try to kill him
The Angels keeping watch
Healing and deliverance come forth

I see the Lord of heaven
Dying on a cross
Nails are pounded through His hands and feet
Father please forgive them
The Angels here His cry
He bows His head in what seems like defeat

I see the Lord of heaven
Rising from the dead
Victory has been declared forever
Stone is rolled away
The Angels sing their praise
The Lord of Lords has returned to heaven