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Mercy is His Name

No Boundary

I can do anything when I am nothing
I have more power when I am weak
There is no boundary to what God can do through me
If I will just yield myself to His control

Many a time I have wondered out loud
Why I walk like I’m big and proud
I don’t know anything and I can do nothing
When I walk in my strength out of control

Giving my life to the Lord of my life
Is only a matter of what is right
He is the power and He is the strength
That carries me through every day

I do not know in my own self what is true
This world has lost its way to the truth
When I trust Him I know I will win
Because He is the way, the truth and the life.

Lord, give me strength to walk in my weakness
Lord, give me power to stand and be strong
Lord, take my life as a sweet-smelling sacrifice
Lord, I am yours.  Lord, I am yours.