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Jesus Paid it All! March 8

The laws of inheritance are still in effect today.  It’s pretty amazing that the world wants to reject the Bible, yet so many of the principles laid down in the Word are still active and present in our society.  Can you even imagine what would happen to our culture, and our world if the laws and rules laid down in the Bible were not enforced in today’s world?  Murder and theft would run rampant, as would sexual lust and dishonoring parents.  In fact when I think about it, isn’t this what is happening in the world right now?  Something to think about, isn’t it? 

Joshua is chosen as the next leader and Moses is told he is going to die without entering the promised land. He did one little thing wrong, and his punishment is pretty severe, if you ask me.  And Moses knows that he is going to die once he goes up that mountain to see the land.  I don’t think I would like to know the time and place I was going to die.  I would do everything I can to avoid going to that place.  I would complain to God that I wasn’t ready to die yet.  But we see none of this with Moses.  He does what God asks humbly and meekly.  This is how we should obey, no matter what comes our way!Endless sacrifices, all without blemish.  This is the theme of our reading this morning.  I always thought of the wilderness as a desert-like ecosystem, with sparse vegetation and a lot of sand.  But how could they possibly raise this many sheep and cattle to fulfill all the sacrificial requirements. If it was that bad.  Think about it with me.  2 rams a day, first year rams without blemish.  That’s 730 a year.  For 40 years in the wilderness, that’s 29,200 rams, of the first year, without blemish.  That’s just the daily offerings.  It does not include any burnt offerings, sin offerings, or trespass offerings that might be due.  It does not include the offerings for all the feasts,  The Sabbath offerings would have totaled 4,160 lambs.  The monthly offerings totalled 960 bulls, 480 rams, 3,360 lambs and 480 goats.  The offerings for all the feasts combined, for 40 years, would be the same 2,720 bulls, 760 rams, 6,000 lambs and 400 goats.  Plus all the grain offerings to go with each sacrifice.  Can you tell I like numbers? That’s a total of 3,680 bulls, 30,740 rams, 13,520 lambs and 980 goats.  All the first year, all without blemish.  This did not include any other offerings that were due because of sins, or trespasses.

Aren’t you glad Jesus paid it all?  All these offerings and sacrifices are no longer due to the Lord.  Jesus was our perfect lamb, sacrificed without sin in His life. He took the punishment for our sin.  The stripes on His back from a whip laced with stones so that each lash sunk deep into his flesh and ripped it open.  A crown of thorns placed on his head, thorns long enough and sharp enough to pierce the skin right to the skull, and make blood flow from each embedded thorn.  The nails in His hands and feet went right through His limbs, causing intense pain.  The cross on which he hung slowly was strangling Him to death as He tried to pull himself up by the nail-pierced hands, or push His body upo using the nail-pierced feet as leverage.  He suffered the agony of a brutal death so that we would no longer have to offer all these sacrifices to make atonement for our sin, or to appease almighty God.  If we have accepted His sacrifice in place of our own offerings that would be due, He saves us from all that.  I am so glad Jesus did this for me.  I can’t even imagine the blood required for all of my sins!

Have you made a decision to make Jesus your sacrifice, and allow Him to be Lord over your life?  You have a debt to God that is enormous.  You need a sacrifice that would cover it all.  Jesus is that sacrifice.  Won’t you accept Him today?

This Time

I Don’t Know, But I Do

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I don’t know very much.

I don’t know how my heart can continue to beat around 70 times a minute 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year for 70+ years without any electric motor, or hydro power or nuclear power.  How can it pump blood through arteries and into capillaries, only to have that blood coke back through veins and run through again? How does that happen?

I don’t know how I can sit here and form words in my head, and then my finger will just start typing the individual letters that make up those words.  How does my eye tell my mind to move the muscle that will hit the typewriter at the correct place to make this paragraph?  How does that happen?

I don’t know how DNA works.  How do atoms form chromosomes, and chromosomes form the DNA that tells our bodies to make us who we are from the moment of conception?  How do the cells come together to form the nose, feet, hands, mouth, teeth, shoulders and so on, that will become our body when we emerge from the safety of our mother’s womb? How do these chromosomes determine my hair color, eye color, shape of toes, height, possibility of diseases, and so many other features?  How does that happen?

I don’t know how a seed can be planted in a pile of dirt and then emerge as a plant full of more seeds to be planted the next year so they can produce more seeds and more seeds.  How does the seed even have the ingredient for the plant it will produce?  How do those ingredients come together to start a stem, and then leaves, and then a fruit, or a flower, or a mighty oak tree?  How does this happen?

I don’t know how a line in the sky can divide a Southeast wind from a Northwest wind.  How can this line produce dangerous winds that whirl in all directions, or a tornado, or a lightning strike?  How can a single line stop winds from one direction going 30-40 mph, and also stop winds of 30-40 mph in the other direction? How can this line even be there, when it cannot be seen and its movements cannot be tracked? How does this happen?

You see, there are a lot of things that I don’t know.  There are a lot of things that imply escape my simple mind.  I could go on for pages and pages about the things I don’t know because the natural world is extremely complex.  Not only is there a natural order to all things in this earth, but there is a natural order to all things in the heaven.  Not only does each animal have a distinct defense system, but they also are each individually and uniquely made.  As I each leaf in every tree, each snowflake that falls from above, and ever human fingerprint from the beginning of time.  How is that even possible?

There is one who can answer all these questions.  He is the one who made my heart and knit together my DNA in my mothers’ womb. He is the one who made the plants and controls the weather. He is the one who made all things in earth and heaven, who created all the animals and the plants, and who designs every snowflake and fingerprint.  I know Him as God.  Yahweh.  El.  He is the great I Am.

There is one other thing I know.  I know that this God, the God who created all things and controls all things, the God who put the stars in place and calls them all by name, loves me and he loves you.  In fact, He loves you so much that He gave His only Son to die on a cross as a ransom for your sins.  He died, but then rose again, to give all who believe in Him eternal life. His name is Jesus Christ. 

I know that beyond a shadow of a doubt this is true.  I know because He did this for me.  I know He changed my life.  I know my sins are forgiven.  I know these sins are removed from my life as far as the East is from the West.  I know these things are true for me.  I know these things can be true for you.  I know he will forgive you.  I know he will wipe away all your sins and clean you a white as snow. I know you too can make heaven your eternal destination.  I know that the following prayer will bring this all about.

Jesus, please forgive me of my sins.  I repent and will turn away from them.  I ask you to come and take me as I am.  I accept you as my Savior and my Lord.  Thank you, Jesus for making me your child.

If you prayed this prayer from your heart, then you now know the maker of the universe.  You know the one who has all the answer.

Hmmm.  Maybe I know more than I think I know!

All For Me

All For Me

Brought before the judgment hall
Though He just did good
Persecuted false was He
Condemned for my sin

Beaten within one last breath
Wore a crown of thorns
Spit and kicked upon was He
Bruised for all my sin

Carried His own cross of death
Fell beneath its weight
Nailed through hands and feet was He
Suffered for my sin

Given vinegar to drink
Sword pierced through His side
Hanging there for me was He
Dying for my sin

High and lifted up was He
High above the ground
Hanging on a cross was He
Taking all my sin

He gave His own life away
To purchase life for me
Placed in borrowed tomb was He
Buried for my sin.

I will lift my voice to Him
And give Him all my praise
For He did all of this for me
I will praise His name
His Great Love For Me

All For Me

He surrendered all in the garden
The garden of Gethsemane
Then He set His sights on the cross
On a hill called Calvary

After living a life filled with wonder
All the healing and deliverance
He now faced the death of a villain
In pain and agony for us

All for us, all for us
He did it all for us
Not a day goes by
I don’t wonder why
He would do this all for us

Covered with scars and blood He walked
Down a road of scorn and shame
He fell down from the weight of the cross
That would be His dying place


All the pain He took for me
The stripes He took for me
The shame He took for me
The cross He took for me (REPEAT)

He suffered to set me free
He died to set me free
He rose again for me
He lives forever for me
He’ll come again for me
All for me, all for me

All for me, all for me
He did it all for me
Not a day goes by
I don’t wonder why
He would do this all for me

The Lord of Heaven

I see the Lord in heaven
High and lifted up
Seated on the right hand of God 
His glory fills the temple
The Angels lift their praise 
All creation bows before His throne

I see the Lord of heaven
Come down to earth below
He’s lying in a manger on some hay
His parents just adore Him
The Angels shout His coming
Shepherds come before the child with praise

I see the Lord of heaven
Teaching in the streets
People flock to hear His wondrous words
Leaders try to kill him
The Angels keeping watch
Healing and deliverance come forth

I see the Lord of heaven
Dying on a cross
Nails are pounded through His hands and feet
Father please forgive them
The Angels here His cry
He bows His head in what seems like defeat

I see the Lord of heaven
Rising from the dead
Victory has been declared forever
Stone is rolled away
The Angels sing their praise
The Lord of Lords has returned to heaven